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2017 Potential CEERTS Project Submissions



The Florida Reliability Coordinating Council (FRCC) Regional Transmission Planning Process (RTPP), which can be found here, contains a procedure for a Biennial Transmission Planning Process (BTPP) to facilitate intra-regional planning associated with FERC Order 1000. In the initial stages of the BTPP, entities are given the opportunity to submit potential Cost Efficient or Effective Regional Transmission Solution (CEERTS) Projects to the FRCC. Refer to the BTPP for details on sponsorship requirements and a description of the stages of the BTPP through which a potential CEERTS project must advance before it is approved and can be constructed. The entity submitting a potential CEERTS project is referred to as the Project Sponsor and is responsible for meeting all requirements set forth in the BTPP in order to advance the project through the BTPP.
Potential CEERTS Project Submission
-        Potential CEERTS Project submissions for the 2017-2018 BTPP cycle will be accepted by the FRCC through June 1, 2017.
-        Potential CEERTS Project submissions will be received by the FRCC Planning Committee (PC) at the next eligible meeting[1] of the PC after June 1, 2017.
-        The requirements of potential CEERTS Project submissions can be found in the BTPP section of the RTPP which is posted here on
-        Please submit potential CEERTS Project Proposals to
-        Please direct any inquiries to or contact Steven Black or Vince Ordax at the number listed at the top of this notice.

[1] In order to allow the PC to adequately review potential CEERTS Project submissions, the “next eligible meeting” will be the next meeting of the PC following a 5 business day review period after the June 1st deadline. In 2017, the earliest eligible meeting date for the PC would be June 8, 2017.




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