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FRCC Proactive Planning Results and CEERTS Proposal Solicitation Announcement


FRCC BTTP Stakeholders,
The Regional Projects Subcommittee (RPS) has completed its proactive planning analysis per the Biennial Transmission Planning Process (BTPP).  In summary, no potential CEERTS Projects have been identified.
A report summarizing the analysis is available here (login required).  Supporting files, including the 2018 FRCC Regional Plan (Regional Plan) and Project Information File are also posted in this location.  In order to better inform stakeholders regarding current transmission planning activities, owners of projects in the Regional Plan have identified anticipated project changes that could affect the analyses performed on the Regional Plan.  The identified anticipated changes are included in Attachment 1 of the proactive planning report, and the RPS took these anticipated changes into consideration during its proactive planning analysis
The FRCC Planning Committee considers a potential CEERTS project to be regional in nature in the Proactive Planning process if it meets three of the five following criteria:
a.   Project is a tie line
b.   Increase dispatch flexibility for multiple entities
c.   Potential to increase area to area transfers
d.   Displaces two or more planned projects
e.   Results in a more robust transmission solution than the combination of individual potentially displaced projects.
Notwithstanding the RPS analysis, any stakeholder interested in sponsoring a CEERTS project must submit a sponsorship application for each project by June 1, 2019.   For more details on the application, see Sections 7.2.1 and 7.2.2 of the FRCC Regional Transmission Planning Process, FRCC-MS-PL-018 and the FRCC CEERTS Proposal Template.  Please submit inquiries and applications to




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