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Announcements: Final Reminder Notice: 2019-2020 BTPP Public Policy Needs Descriptions (Due 1/1/2019)

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Final Reminder Notice:  2019-2020 BTPP Public Policy Needs Descriptions (Due 1/1/2019)


Order No. 1000 Stakeholders,
This is a second and final reminder notice that, in accordance with Section 7.3 of the FRCC Regional Transmission Planning Process (FRCC-MS-PL-018), stakeholders who desire a transmission need driven by a public policy requirement to be considered in the transmission planning process must submit a written description of the need by January 1, 2019.
To the extent the information is available to the stakeholder, the description of the need should:
  • identify the state, federal, or local law or regulation that contains the public policy requirement;
  • identify the type of entity(ies) in the region to which the public policy requirement applies;
  • identify the subset of entities in the region subject to the public policy requirement that have a transmission need driven by the public policy requirement;
  • describe the type and nature of the transmission service, including the number of megawatts, needed from the Enrolled Transmission Providers by such subset of entities, to meet that transmission need.
Any stakeholder submitting a potential public policy transmission need to the FRCC PC may, but is not required to, also propose a transmission project(s) to meet such a need along with its description of the need. All submissions will be posted on the FRCC website for public comment and will be reviewed to determine if a public policy requirement is driving a transmission need for which a solution is required.
Stakeholders can submit needs via email to




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