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Manager of Reliability Coordinator Operations and Oversight (Posted: 11/9/2015)

The overarching responsibility of this position is to ensure reliable operation of the bulk electric system in the FRCC Region through the activities of the FRCC Reliability Coordinator function. This position is the primary liaison between the FRCC and the FRCC RC Agent, overseeing the execution of the RC contract by the agent, as well as the primary liaison between the FRCC RC function and the other FRCC operating entities within the RC area. The position responsibilities include: managing the two FRCC staff members in Miami, supporting the FRCC RC function at the RC Agent control center by identifying, and proactively coordinating resolution of potential Bulk Electric System impacts with companies operating within the FRCC RC footprint. This position oversees delivery of RC System Operator training. This position is also the primary subject matter expert for the RC NERC Compliance.

Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) Compliance Auditor  (Posted: 7/20/2015)

This position will serve as a Compliance Auditor in the Compliance Department of Florida Reliability Coordinating Council (FRCC). This position will be a team participant in the implementation of the Compliance Monitoring and Enforcement Program (CMEP) for North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) reliability standards for the bulk power system (BPS). This position will be a compliance staff expert in the compliance monitoring area particularly with regard to Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP); including assessing BPS reliability risk/cyber security risk, and assessing compliance of Registered Entities in which the CIP Reliability Standards are applicable. 

Planning Engineer  (Posted: 8/24/2015)

The FRCC is seeking a planning engineer to assist in supporting the FRCC Regional Transmission Planning Process by working with stakeholder working groups in support of its activities primarily focused on maintaining the reliability of the BES within the FRCC region.