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About FRCC


The FRCC is a not-for-profit company incorporated in the State of Florida. The FRCC’s mission is to ensure that the bulk power system in Peninsular Florida is reliable, adequate and secure. The FRCC serves as a regional entity with delegated authority from the North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) for the purpose of proposing and enforcing reliability standards within the FRCC Region. The area of the State of Florida that is within the FRCC Region is peninsular Florida east of the Apalachicola River. Areas west of the Apalachicola River are within the SERC Region. The entire FRCC Region is within the Eastern Interconnection and is under the direction of the FRCC Reliability Coordinator.


The FRCC provides the statutory functions and services for the FRCC Region through a Regional Entity Division, as well as non-statutory services for the FRCC Region through a Member Services Division. Membership in the Regional Entity Division is open to any entity without cost that satisfies the membership criteria specified in the FRCC Bylaws, and who submits the appropriate Membership Application. Membership in the Member Services Division requires participation in the funding for services relating to the planning and operation of the bulk power system in the FRCC Region that are deemed non-statutory.


The activities of FRCC are directed by its Board of Directors. The Board is comprised of  top level executives from each member of FRCC.

The technical activities of FRCC are carried out by its Planning and Operating Committees. These Committees and their subcommittees are comprised of managerial and technical representatives from the members of FRCC. These representatives provide the expertise necessary for the planning, engineering and operating aspects of electric system reliability. Highly qualified and experienced representatives from the FRCC serve on the various NERC committee activities.

In keeping with NERC's commitment to excellence through the use of technology, the FRCC has established a World Wide Web site as a means of communicating more efficiently and effectively throughout the industry.

Contact Information

Bayport Plaza
3000 Bayport Drive,  Suite 600,
Tampa, Florida 33607-8410.

The main office can be reached by calling 813-289-5644, or by fax at 813-289-5646.







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