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 Member Request Portal Access:

Please use your current FRCC.COM user name and current password to access the portal.

Email your requests to:


When you send a request to this address it is entered into a ticketing system where it is logged, assigned and completed. You will receive an e-mail receipt for each of these steps letting you know the disposition of your request.

The following table is a lists of different ticketing purposes areas that are handled  addressed by the Members Request Portal, including FRCC Operations and RC Program processes.

Ticketing Purpose
Example Tickets
Additional Information
Request or Modify Access to FRCC Tools and Information
·         New Users
·         Account Locks / Password Resets
·         Change access settings for existing user
·         Add or remove personnel from a member group roster or email distribution list
·         FRCC Access Removal
·         FRSG Access Request
·         FTMS Access Request
·         RTCA Sharing Access Request
·         FRSG Access Request
Before completing access requests, FRCC staff will request approval from the entity’s OC or PC representative
Troubleshoot FRCC Tools
·         FRCC.COM Issues
·         SFTP/FTP Issues
Operations & RC Program Processes
·         RDL ICCP Requests
·         EINet Data Requests
·         Line/xmfr Rating Change or Impedance Change
·         Data not being sent via ICCP
Per the FRCC Reliability Data Link Procedure (FRCC-MS-OPRC-039) and the Data Specification and Collection Procedure (FRCC-MS-OPRC-004)
·         Upcoming Energizations
Per the FRCC Operations Planning Coordination Process (FRCC-MS-OP-003) and the RC Agent EMS Model Update Procedure(FRCC-MS-OPRC-040)
·         Restoration Plan Submittal
Per the TOP Restoration Plan Submittal, Review, and Approval Procedure (FRCC-MS-OP-010)
·         EOP Plan Submittals
Per the BA/TOP Emergency Operations Plan Submittal and Review (FRCC-MS-OPRC-038)
·         PRC-012-2 Attachment 1 Submittal
Remedial Action Scheme Review and Coordination Procedure (FRCC-MS-OP-005)
·         Direct Requests for FRCC IT and Staff Support
·         Comlabs Voice Recording Access
FRCC Operations Staff will route recording access requests to Comlabs
·         Telecom Request
If your issue or need for assistance is not listed above please submit your request and we'll review and provide guidance.